Yokohama Union Church

Yokohama Union Church

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Facilities Use

Yokohama Union Church offers the space for activities to support the church, school and community. Priority is given to church and school activities. The building is a house of God and all activities will respect this place of Christian worship.

Usage Fees:

regulated by church board based on time/space availability
(Set-up & Clean-up are part of the rental time!)

  1. Building charges (include utilities & parking)
    • ◈ Sanctuary: kitchen & main floor classrooms are included
    • ◈ Lower level: Birthday party (2 classrooms & kitchen area)
    • ◈ Single classroom
    • ◈ Kitchen only
    • ◈ Prayer Room
    • ◈ Concerts: Includes your rehearsal time
  2. Weddings: Contact Nahoko at to discuss the details with those inquiring
  3. Funerals: Contact pastor to discuss details & see the funeral handout
  4. Parking fees
    • a. Cars
    • b. Large trucks/film crews - under the church (3/2015)
      car (under the church)
      big van or truck (includes toilets & electricity)
  5. Regular vendor use
    • ❖ Fees are collected monthly
    • ❖ January of each year a one-time utility fee
    • ❖ You are limited to the same days agreed upon in contract
      (i.e. Thursday - then only Thursdays --more than one day charges additional utility fees)
    • ❖ Contracted time only - no early entry to school areas or extended stays
    • ❖ Church & school activities have priority
    • ❖ You are expected to bring your own supplies - come prepared. Church and school resources, computers, furniture and materials are NOT available for your use. You are contracting for the space only.
    • ❖ Copies can be made.
      - payment at time of copying (record your use in the small blue book at the side of copier)
    • ❖ Utility use guidelines: Maximum heat in winter 24C, Minimum cooling in summer: 26
    • ❖ Remember to turn off the A/C and lights every time!

How to Book

  1. Call (045-651-5177)
  2. Office receives applications & completes an inquiry form; tour if needed
  3. Complete the agreement form in a timely manner
    Dates may be booked one year in advance.
    Church Board approval is needed for all functions, so plan accordingly
    Church and school activities have priority
  4. When the application & booking fee is received it is reserved on the Master Calendar by the office only
  5. Payment by bank transfer is possible:
    •       Yokohama Bank, Motomachi branch (311)
    •       Futsu #1150200
    •       Shukyohojin Yokohama Union Kyokai

Guidelines for Use

  1. Before booking
    • ◇ Set-up & clean-up are part of the rental time - extra time is charged at the rental rate (see above)
    • ◇ No proselytizing is allowed
    • ◇ Smoking is NOT permitted within YUC and outside only in specified areas.
    • ◇ Use of alcohol must have prior approval - YUC reserves the right to refuse its use
    • ◇ You are responsible for all damage and must pay for repairs/replacements
    • ◇ You must provide your own audio/technical personnel (prior approval required)
    • ◇ You must provide your own ushers and parking attendant, if it is a large event - no street parking please
    • ◇ Two posters & small flyers for advertising may be displayed - submit them with the application
    • ◇ YUC appliances (TV, VCR, kitchen, etc.) will not be used without advance permission
    • ◇ Permission for kitchen use must be secured in advance
    • ◇ Beverage (coffee, tea, bottles drinks, etc), snack items and paper goods are supplied by your group - coffee pots for 42 cups and hotpots are available for use
  2. Setting up for your event
    • ◇ Only green tape is used on the walls and floors; use tarps as needed
    • ◇ Piano tuning is at your expense - we have a list of tuners if you need one
    • ◇ Safety - Do not block the 3 fire doors in the sanctuary
    • ◇ Safety & neighbors - Don't block the street
    • ◇ Utility use guidelines: Max heat in winter 24C, Minimum cooling in summer: 26C
  3. Completed event
    • ◇ All facilities must be cleaned prior to departure. Vacuum and cleaning supplies are located in closet near or in the restrooms.
    • ◇ All chairs, tables and other items must be cleaned and returned to their proper location after an event unless specified otherwise.
    • ◇ Garbage goes home with you
    • ◇ Complete the check out sheet and have a church staff person check it
    • ◇ Pay any extra charges due at check-out time to the staff person
    • ◇ Personal belongings must be taken with you at the time of departure. The church is not responsible for lost or missing items.