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Yokohama Union Church

Yokohama Union Church

66-2 Yamate-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Japan 231-0862

Tel: 045-651-5177

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Welcome to Yokohama Union Church

At YUC we enjoy a heritage that is quite rich and diverse-including Japanese, international families, singles, women, men, youth and seniors. Our faith backgrounds and levels of spiritual growth vary as well, as do our personalities and talents. Though such diversity may easily divide, at YUC we seek unity in knowing the person of Jesus Christ and applying the truth of God's word to our daily lives. Yokohama Union Church is a Christian worshipping community, chosen to serve God, following Jesus, and led by the Holy Spirit. YUC is an anchor for those with faith, and an outreach for those seeking and those who are lost. YUC is an interdenominational, international, multicultural, multilingual fellowship of believers. We are also a sanctuary for weary travelers and a place of encouragement. Mission Statement, 2005.

What We Believe

There is one God, who exists eternally, and is understood as three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We accept the Old and New Testaments as God’s word in matter of faith and practice. We accept the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds, symbols of our oneness with Christians around the world and across the centuries. We observe two sacraments: the Lord’s Supper and Baptism. We welcome all who came to worship with us!

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Yokohama Union Church Worship & Sacrament
We seek God-centered worship through a combination of music, corporate prayer, and teaching of God's Word.
Yokohama Christian School Elementary & Preschool
We are also home to Yokohama Christian School (YCS) for children 2 years old through 2nd grade (mixed age classes).
YCS is using the Sycamore Education systemSycamore Education system of shool management.
YCS is on Facebook, click hereycs black logo to go right to our page.
Yokohama Union Church Wedding Service Wedding
We would like to celebrate an opportunity of sharing Christ in a wedding worship service .
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❖ Encourage the children

Sunday school
K-Elementary Class:ages 4-9
Middle School Class: ages 10 and up

Sunday during the service
Children and Worship: ages 3-7

Seasons of events for the children

❖ Help Adults

Weekly and seasonal Bible study

Learn Christianity

❖ Missions we support

Asian Rural Institute (ARI)

Kotobuki-cho Chiku Center
(Donkey House)

Tokyo English Life Line (TELL)

❖ Church Outreach
❖ Sunday


Sunday school:
Children: Elementary & Middle School classes
Adult: English & Japanese

Bible study:

❖ Join Us for Bible Study


Sunday Mornings:

Sunday Afternoons:

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❖ Join Our Choir

Sunday Afternoons:

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»Christian education in YUCYUC christian education
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»Sunday School for Children
restarts on Sep. 4,
»Power of Prayer: 6 Weeks
Oct. 2 - Nov. 6, .
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